Bounce Curl Enzyme Gentle Clarifying Shampoo


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Bounce Curl Gentle Clarifying Shampoo- Products made with Pure Love to create amazing curls! 

NO silicones, NO parabens, NO Sulfates, NO PEG's, NO DEA/MEA, & NO Animal Testing.  Color Safe & Vegan 

What does it do?

Level 1 Light Moisture (For daily use)

Pomegranate & Pumpkin Enzyme Gentle Clarifying shampoo thoroughly cleanses all hair types (without drying) & balances moisture while adding volume. 

  • Gently cleanses hair the most out of the 3-moisture-level shampoo system. Gently removes build-up from oils or stylers without drying out your hair or stripping out natural oils. 
  • Botanical extracts add VOLUME and texture to thin hair.
  • Lightly moisturizes hair without weighing down curls.
  • Exfoliates & Revitalizes scalp with Pomegranate & Pumpkin Enzymes.
  • Packed with Organic black seed oil, Enzymes, Pro-vitamin B5, Biotin, Rosemary, Nobilis flower & many more herbal plant extracts & scientifically made ingredients that strengthen & boost hair bounce.
  • Foam/Suds/Lather – High


100% Oil Scent. Revitalizing citrus aroma creates a sense of well-being that permeates spirit, mind, and body.

 *Our cleansers & hair perfume have a 100% oil scent. Our stylers have a man-made fragrance that is made by our Founder. The man-made fragrance consists of scientifically tested ingredients & half of them are oils that are extracted from plants.


Click on link for full description of ingredients

We appreciate you! BIG HUGS!


We want to thank you for choosing Bounce Curl. Thank you for trusting us with your hair process. There are so many other products to choose from & we are beyond excited that you are joining our family! We are here to help you with every step. Browse through the tips on this page and, if you still need some more guidance, email our team at so that we can help you further. 

We want to share as many tips as we can with you so that you can create a personalized process that is a smooth Wash & Go!!

Step 1. Take The Hair Quiz 

Do you know which products are good for your hair type? If you haven't done so already, please take our Bounce Curl Hair Quiz to determine which products are best for you.  It only takes a couple minutes and will give you valuable information. We know that NOT ALL CURLY HAIR IS THE SAME. Let us help you take some of the guesswork out of what to buy!  We are here to help.   

Step 2: Review Our Library of Product and Tutorial Videos 

If you would like to see HOW-TO tutorials on specific products, we have a video tutorial on each product page under the description tab. Click these links, & then click the description tab. In each product section, you will find a few different textures plus wavy, kinky & curly videos. 

Light Creme gel

Moisture Balance Leave in Conditioner 

Avocado & Rose Oil Clump & Define Cream

Or for you hair type: 

Click here for Wavy (2A-2C) 

Click here for Curly (3A-3C)

Click here for Kinky (4A-4C) 

These videos are ones that were requested by customers and/or are very popular with our curly girl community: 

How to Reduce Frizz

How to Create Volume

 How to Get Volume with Air Drying

How to diffuse

How to refresh hair 

Different hair styling methods 

Quick Rake & Scrunch Method 

Smooth down frizz method

Half up half down clump method

Once you are done viewing the videos on this page, check out our Bounce Curl Youtube channel to see ALL the available Bounce Curl videos!


Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Gentle Shampoo

I have oily hair, and am a daily washer. This shampoo is gentle, non-stripping, moisturizing, and smells awesome!

Great shampoo! My favorite!

I've been using this shampoo for over a year now and it my favorite! Depending on the week I wash my hair about 2-3 times per week. My hair doesnt get flaky if anything I feel cleansed when I use it and my hair feels soft. 10/10 recommend!

So soft and shiny!

This shampoo is magic- cleans my hair so well, but also gives great moisture. Leaves my hair the softest and shiniest I have every seen. I am in love.

I will never use any other product

Thank you bounce curl. Honestly, just the shampoo alone is enough. Follow up with conditioner & gel and the results are magical. I cant wait ti its warmer and i can air dry. I love it!

Gentle cleanser and perfect for wavy hair!

I love this shampoo! My hair is wavy and extremely sensitive to protein and this shampoo is perfect for it. This shampoo says it's delicate for daily use and it's so true. I usually only try to use a clarifying shampoo once a week at most and tend to co-wash if my hair needs it, and this shampoo cleans my hair and scalp perfectly without leaving my hair dry or with that over-processed "squeaky clean" feeling that usually makes my hair into a frizzy mess. Highly recommend this for anyone with wavy, thick, yet fine hair that needs a good cleanse without that stripped feeling.

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