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  • Bounce Curl Hair & Body Perfume

Bounce Curl Hair & Body Perfume

$ 17.99

$ 14.99

Safe, Vegan & 100% Natural Essential Oil Scent

What does it do?

This wonderful roll-on natural perfume will freshen up the smell of your hair. It can mask smells from exposure to your daily environment. It will also shine your hair, & can scrunch out the cast of any hair products. 

Roll the perfume directly on your body, scalp or roll onto the palms of your hands & lightly finger comb your hair. Bounce Curl's Hair & Body Perfume is pretty potent & its beautiful aroma lasts a long time. Although it is a travel size, this bottle will last you over 6 months.  

Size: 10 Ml (Small & Perfect to store in your bag) 

100% Essential oils.  Bounce Curl's Hair & Body Perfume has a “sophisticated vanilla pina colada scent” that is created with 100% essential oils and has no synthetic fragrance. It has a very fruity & tropical scent.  

In keeping with Bounce Curl's commitment to creating products based on plant derived ingredients, this Defining Cream has NO harsh chemicals, NO silicones, NO parabens, NO Sulfates, NO PEG's, NO DEA/MEA, & NO animal testing. Color Safe & Vegan. 


Bounce Curl - Products made with Carefully Selected Wholesome Ingredients and Pure Love

* When using ANY new product on your hair or skin, it is important to test for potential allergic reactions. Place a small amount of the new product on the bend of your elbow or any other sensitive area of your body; leave for 24 hours. This patch test will show if you are allergic to any of the plant ingredients in our products. Discontinue use of any products that may cause allergic reactions. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Doesn't smell the best

This is a roll on. The scent isn't the best. If you use roll on oils it's basically the same thing just with a fruity scent. Not worth the price...

Great product, not my favorite smell

I use this product because I stopped wearing regular perfumes due to the strong heavy smells and all the bad chemicals in them. I ordered this as soon as it came out!! It’s smell like a pina colada. It’s not a bad smell. It’s just not my favorite. I also use this to scrunch out the crunch and to freshen up the smell in my hair. It’s never greasy or oily on my hair. The smell doesn’t last. It’ll be gone in an hour, but that’s common for natural fragrance products.

Best scent ever!!!

Love the scent. Going to order another. Only negative is that the bottle is too small.


I got this in a kit & didn't think I'd use it much but OMGGGGG it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! It smells like you're on vacation and you only need a little bit! I've been using it at least 1-2 days/week for MONTHS and only about 1/10th of the bottle is gone. It's small like a lip gloss so I stash it in my wristlet and take it everywhere with me. Any time you leave a restaurant that smells like bacon, a club that smells like smoke, or are trying to stretch out 5,6, or 7th day hair - throw a little of this on your roots or length and you're good to go! The scent lasts too it doesn't evaporate in seconds like other essential oils can. Stop reading this review and GO GET YOU SOME NOW!!!!! You won't regret it. <3 <3 <3

I love the scent so much!!!

The smell!!! Oh, the smell!!! I get so many complaints and it is amazing for my curls!!! I recommend to everyone. It’s not too heavy, but just right! I’m ordering another one LoL . Thank you Bounce Curl for such a gift!