• At first, Bounce Curl Creme Gel did not work well for this customer, but THEN...

    Our customer, Ana, reached out to Bounce Curl because she was unhappy with the results she was getting when using Bounce Curl Crème Gel. Ana knew she was sensitive to protein in her hair products and thought the reason her hair was a little stiff and coarse after using Bounce Curl Crème Gel was due to the protein in our gel. 

    Our Bounce Curl Creator suggested that Ana use the Bounce Curl Crème Gel alone - without using...

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  • Summer Swimming Tips for Curly Hair!

    Will my curly hair be affected if I swim in chlorinated water or in salt water at the beach?  Yes! Yes! Yes! If you plan on swimming, then you definitely want to DRENCH your hair with warm water in the shower before getting in the pool.  Think of your hair like a sponge. If you place a wet spo... View Post
  • What Type of Curly Hair do YOU Have?

    There are three types of curly hair and each type has three levels (Note: Straight hair is considered Type 1.) It can be helpful to know what kind of curly hair you have when you choose products. And remember - you could possibly have a combination of two curl patterns! Wavy hair is Type 2; Curly... View Post