• Hot tools hair diffuser review with Bounce Curl

    What is a diffuser and why do we use it? 1. I use it for VOLUME. I have thinner hair, and it gives me the right amount of volume. 2. I use it to make my curls last longer.  3. I use it to make my hair dry faster.  4. I use it to make my curls more defined.  What is the difference between diff... View Post
  • Alexandra's curly transformation. Bounce Curl hair blog.

    When people meet me for the first time, the one thing they usually notice is my hair. "Your curls are so pretty," they say.    The truth is, I think they're pretty too. I'm proud of my hair. I have big, healthy, voluminous curls that I absolutely adore — but they didn't always look this way.   I... View Post
  • Have you ever damaged your curls?

    Have you guys ever damaged your hair? As you guys can see, I used to damage my hair. The top left is a picture of my curls when I dyed it red.  What does coloring hair really do to your curls? 1. Your Curl pattern can change.  -My curl pattern changed quite a bit. My hair became less curlier. ... View Post