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Happy healthy shiny type 2C / 3A Curls

I completely scrapped my holy-grail lineup because I was noticing the decline of my hair. My Deva stylist told me it was a texture change but my gut said it wasn’t. Since purchasing the full Light Moisture Kit + Leave In 2 weeks ago, I have had consistently good hair days and noticeable improvement in my hair! ** I top my style routine off with Eco Slay Orange Marmalade because I need more cast. I’m very happy so far and excited to try the hairspray and other new products they may launch.

This product works!!

I used it a few months ago & I cannot wait to get it again! My hair hasn’t been this thick & grown this fast since I was pregnant. I also notice a lot less hair loss & more shine. Something that really made the change obvious is that I have been getting a lot of compliments from family & friends.
Truly worth it!

Amazing product ! I love it . I'm using it for a while and every time I'm more and more surprised how my curls can look so nice .

Moisturized soft wavy curls

My hair is a mix of waves and curls. It is thin and fine. Some gels can be too heavy but this gel was perfect ! Love the smell! Since my hair is thin I use less product so it will last me a while which is is awesome.

Exactly what I was looking for

Needed a shampoo that wasn’t clarifying and this fit the bill! Amazing!!

Love love love!

The smell is unbeatable! Love the consistency. Thick and moisturizing but doesn’t weigh down my fine 2b/3a curls

Worth the money

This is the best gel out there. It doesn’t leave your hair flaky like most gels and holds your curl all day.

The best

Usually hair products don’t really do a whole lot for my hair. At least, I don’t see the huge changes that they claim will happen. BUT this product has changed the game! It makes your hair so unbelievably soft. My hair feels like duck feathers. It’s insane. But it also doesn’t give your hair that squishy, ramen noodle feeling that some other conditioners can give. It has so much slip and makes detangling sooo easy. This is the best, and I will be buying this over and over again.

Holy grail

Best hair gel for curly hair

Have not received my products

I wish I could review this, but I’ve ordered and not received any of my items yet.

Best stuff

I have been using this stuff for a few years now and I love it, it smells great its light and its amazing, doesn't leave hair frizzy, love this stuff.


I’ve been using the Light Creme Gel for several years now and there’s nothing comparable to it out on the market. I have extremely thick curly hair and this gel is not only light weight but also keeps all my curls in check.
I wish this product was around when I was kid but I’m glad it’s around now and I can share with my teen.

wonderful prouducts

I'm 72 and have VERY thin hair...but it's curly....Bounce curl has been a blessing....My hair has it's tight curls back and it still soft. I just purchased the Gentle Clarifying shampoo and my hair is even more shine. Thanks , Kit

The best

I’ve been using this product for a week now and I’m happy to say I love it ❤️

Avocado & Rose Oil Clump

The Avocado & Rose Oil Clump is wonderful the scent is so pretty. It makes my hair so smooth and easy to comb thru. When combining with the other products it defines my curl and give you more volume. My curls are frizz free and easy to mange. I have tried so many products and this is the only product I am truly satisfied with. I recieved so many compliments since I have been using curl bounce products

Leave In

The leave in is wonderful the scent is so pretty. It makes my hair so smooth and easy to comb thru. When combining with the other products it defines my curl and give you more volume. I recieved so many compliments since I have been using curl bounce products.

Bounce Curl Light Cream Gel

I have tried so many products to try and help maintain my hair. I was giving up until I tried this.
What I love about this is that it maintains the frizz and still leaves your hair nice and smooth. The smell is amazing. My curls are more Its amazing when you mix together with the other products.

Amazing combo

First off, the packaging that the products came in was so cute. I loved the confetti, it felt like I was opening a personalized gift!
Second off, I’m in love with everything this package has to offer!! I’ve never really used cream stylers before, I normally just stick to gel, but all of these have done wonders for my curls. I would definitely recommend!!

Great cream!

Works amazing! Does a great job defining curls and leaving hair soft at the same time. n love with the scent!

Love it so far

I ordered the gel and the clump and define cream. I have only used them together, but I love the look of my hair with this. My hair does not feel crunchy or weighed down. I will be ordering the shampoo and conditioner next.

Rich, creamy. Smells amazing

I love the soft clumping it creates. And everyone keeps complimenting the smell of my hair. A little goes a LONG way!

Best conditioner!!!

This stuff is amazing like I can’t stress this enough it leaves my hair so soft and it’s so easy to detangle my hair once it’s in. If you’re looking for an amazing conditioner look no more it’s right here !


This shampoo foams up and gives my hair the hydration it needs!! I love how my hair feels after every wash , sticking with bounce curl from now on.

A little goes a long way!

I bought this when it first came out and I didn’t know how to use it because I felt that it always weighed my hair down. I gave it to a family member whose curls thrived. I decided to give it another chance and I’m glad I did because I learned that a little really does go a long way and how you apply the product is just as important. I Would suggest raking at first and then smoothing it over and then scrunching it in. I would take more than i should and rake it in my hair but never really smoothed it over and I think it made my hair really weighed down because it’s so concentrated. I have since learned how to properly apply it for my thin fine curly hair- previously bleached - now back to dark hair and it has been working wonderful. My hair really needs the moisture this gives and my curls spring up whenever i use this. I will forever continue to buy this.

Leave in

To start off the smell is amazing and it lasts for days y’all !! It leaves my hair hydrated and soft and has a nice hold. Highly recommend