Shampoo & Conditioners with Bounce Curl

 Guess who is finally coming out with our own cleansers?

I have invested four long years of my soul into formulating the perfect cleansers for us. I tried my hardest to put ingredients in our cleansers that come from plants & other nourishing extracts. Everything we put on our skin gets absorbed therefore, I had to make sure to go the wholesome green beauty route. I want my line to be suitable for women, men and kids. THE WHOLE CURL FAMILY. Sometimes, green beauty products aren't as effective, which is why it has taken me so LONG. With God, sweat, tears, and determination, it's all possible. I plan to launch
 Wavy line, Curly, and Kinky curls line.
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In the meantime, here is a list of our customers favorites:

-Shea moisture cleansers.
-Nexxus silicone & sulfate free line, Hydralite conditioner silicone free
-Deva curl cleansers, no poo, Low poo, One condition, decadance line
-Suave professionals
-Herbalife strengthening shampoo & Conditioner
-Kendra shampoo & Conditioner
-Anthony Coconut oil curls
-Officiallykinkycurl shampoo & Conditioner
-Cantu Shampoo & conditioner


A lot of cleansers work with Bounce Curl. Unfortunately, Some just don’t.
The way you can tell if your cleanser works:
Once you apply Bounce Curl light crème gel in, if there is a squeeky after feel on your hands, it means the charges are repelling. Your hair may dry nicely, if it does not, its ok, that just means the cleansers and conditioners do not mix well. You can use any cleansers above or just wait until we launch ours. 
We will be out with it soon !