The Bounce Curl Story



Hello to my beautiful curly hair family, welcome to a positive and innovative curly community. I am the Creator/Formulator of Bounce Curl Products and I am more than excited to share with you my curl secrets as my main goal is to empower all individuals.


I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with a strong focus in Chemistry. I have a solid background and vast experience in chemistry that gives me the wherewithal to formulate these wonderful and innovative products. I created these products with a genuine and pure heart, we aspire to encourage everyone to embrace their natural being and promote healthy hair care.


After four years of formulations with Bounce Curl, I am a product formulator for over 5 different companies that include hair care, skincare, and body supplements.
This picture was taken in 2012. My favorite subject was Organic chemistry.

I have had curly hair all my life, I have struggled for so many years trying to figure out how to properly style my curls, the list of products I’ve tried and used are endless. I became frustrated with all the unsuccessful harsh products I was using, so I decided to help create Bounce Curl. I spent 3-4 hours a day in chemistry class labs mixing acids, balancing acid/base equations, analyzing bacteria in microbiology, and reading IR spectrums and now I create beauty products for various companies.


My grandmother played an important role in all of this, she always used black seed oil.  Nigella Sativa (black seed oil) is one of the secret middle eastern oils that has been used by my family and I for many years. My parents took great care of my hair ever since I was a child. I have always had long, shiny and strong hair because I was taught to put great home-made-natural ingredients on my hair that my grandmother used to mix up. My experience with natural ingredients are endless. I used to find myself going to my backyard, scraping aloe vera out of the plant, boiling flax seeds and using them as hair gels. I love mixology and DIY (Do it yourself) projects.

There goes my cute little grandmother who is responsible for the majority of the greatness that I produce.


We do our best to create products that do not have harsh chemicals in them. We carefully selected ingredients that can style, moisturize and hold your beautiful curls. There are certain ingredients we are unable to shy away from like preservatives, simply because they work to keep the product stable and safe from growing any bacteria. FDA has strict rules about leaving certain ingredients out. We would like to comply by their rules so we can stay in business and keep making amazing products for you!



We have decided to do something a little different. Most companies do not share other brands with their customers. We are breaking away from that old traditional way. We want to educate all of our customers on all hair care, skincare, & body care. We are a HUGE FAN of mixology. Every individual is different and we all have different hair, skin and body needs. We have created a blog section and will review products that our customers acquire.



Every month, we have decided to create and donate a full custom wig with real human hair to an individual who had to go through chemotherapy or any other medical conditions that caused hair to fall out. We understand that some people may go through certain situations in their lifetime, as a hair company with the heart and intention to serve, we want everyone to feel beautiful.