When (and How) to Cut Your Curly Hair!

Let's face it. Curly Hair is a Lifestyle! Many Curly Girls have similar stories about growing up - their hair was a real challenge and they may not even have LIKED their hair for a time. Then, they realized there were different "rules" and products that resulted in FABULOUS CURLY HAIR that they love!

One of Bounce Curl's founding principles is to Serve with a Pure and Genuine Heart - that means we share information and try to help each other.

So, let's talk about cutting your curly hair!

  1. Take the time to find the RIGHT stylist; someone who listens to your concerns about your hair and pays attention to the specific needs of YOUR hair. You are unique and deserve better than a cookie-cutter haircut!  Curly Hair IS different - do your research! 

  2. Hair naturally begins to split after about 3 months (sometimes sooner if you suffer hair damage). It's a good rule of thumb to schedule time with your stylist regularly in intervals of 6-8 weeks; schedule ahead of time so that you don't get left without an appointment. If your hair begins to knot easily, it's time for a trim!!

  3. Cuts and styles should follow the curl pattern of your hair.

Yes, you CAN trim your own hair, but you may want to think twice about it! To learn about the disaster I created on my own hair, and tips on finding that right stylist for curly hair, check out my video below:

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By the way, as you will learn in the video above, I had GREAT success in recovering from my hair disaster using Bounce Curl Vitamins. You can see in the picture at right - just how MUCH DAMAGE I caused. (Shh- Black Seed Oil is my secret ingredient and made a huge difference!). 

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