Transition Your Style! You Can Create a New Look!

Mama Mmo recently decided she needed a new, fresh look.  I'm so excited by her results!  

Here's a peek at the process (and the result!)

  1. She stopped using heat on her hair (no blow drying, flat ironing, etc.)
  2. Once a week - she combines 1 spoon mayonnaise, 1 egg white, 1 spoon olive oil, 1 half-spoon lemon, 1 half-spoon honey - and applies it to her hair.
  3. She uses a cleansing conditioner as her shampoo.
  4. She ONLY uses Bounce Curl products (including the NEW products that will be available to the public VERY SOON!)
  5. She trimmed off all her dead hair.

Aren't the results gorgeous?!


  • Posted by Founder on

    Hey! Agueda Guerrero,
    She left the mask on for 30-45 minutes. You can leave it in longer if you would like.

  • Posted by Founder on

    Hey Katherine Damicone,
    If you get some frizz then I recommend you clump your hair together. Make sure it’s wet. If you want more hold and volume, spray hair spray at the end of scrunching while your hair is flipped upside down and then diffuse your hair or air dry. If you are not used to diffusing, then that may cause frizz for you until you learn how to use it. Check to see if your cleansers are working mixing with bounce curl, we have a list of some that work great on the website under shampoo & conditioner. Frizz can mean many things. If you have dry hair, I recommend using a little bit of hair cream or leave in and then bounce curl gel. Email us for more info!

  • Posted by Camille on

    My hair is type 2c / 3a really long and thick . frizz is a hudge struggle for me since I have been using a lot of products for my frizzy hair but nothing works …I don’t have curls and waves anymore but just frizz. I don’t know why because my hair is kinda healthy (I never use hot tools). Also since my hair is long it isn’t as curly as it was . Any suggestions plz

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