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  • Experiment with your hair; be patient; remember everyone's hair has unique needs!

    Gels always do WAYYY better in my hair than a cream does. When I ONLY put a hair gel in my hair, I get ultimate volume & curl definition. Whenever I put a hair cream on my hair, my curls get weighed down easily and frizzy; the gel is too heavy for my curls or too oily (making my scalp show).

    Is this the same for everybody? Absolutely not...... 

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  • Avoid These Curly Hair Mistakes!

    You have probably figured out by now that curly hair is different than not-curly hair. Not only that - but curly hair has different types of curls. As you might expect, when you take good care of those curls, you look and feel AWESOME! When you don't take good care of those curls.... well, uh...

    When dealing with curly hair, not everything is obvious. Here's a few mistakes to avoid:

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    1. When (and How) to Cut Your Curly Hair!

      Let's face it. Curly Hair is a Lifestyle! Many Curly Girls have similar stories about growing up - their hair was a real challenge and they may not even have LIKED their hair for a time. Then, they realized there were different "rules" and products that resulted in FABULOUS CURLY HAIR that they love!

      One of Bounce Curl's founding principles is to Serve with a Pure and Genuine Heart - that means we share information and try to help each other.

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