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Welcome To My Journey!!

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My journey started when I had a little push, well more like a kick in the right direction by my amazing best friend. To be completely honest I was scared and unsure of the outcome. I mean so many questions crossed my mind
"Can my hair even curl nice anymore?"
"Will my head look big?" (serious question)
"Am I going to feel pretty with super short curly hair?!"
When I was growing up my mother would put a relaxer on my hair every month. The second she saw new growth she would do it, which taught me that something was wrong with my curly hair (my mom called it nappy). 
This was a part of my routine until 2014!!! So TERRIBLE! I stopped using the relaxer because it would just dry my hair out and it would slowly break off.
Now to my curl hair journey :)

In 2016 I decided to go ALL NATURAL and let my curl flag fly.

First step, throw away all bad products!! Yes, you will most certainly have to spend a little cash on products. This step very important and vital guys. I didn't even realize that the product that I had been using were freaking awful for my hair. The products were very drying and had some pretty bad ingredients. 
Product Tip: read the ingredients and do some research. 
To be honest I don't mind silicones :) my favorite hair serum has silicone and my curls LOVE it :) but only in my hair serum. I have kinky curls and silicone can weigh down curls over time. I do not mind if my curls appear less curly (they will look longer that way). For my hair type I require a leave in conditioner (Shea Moisture), hair cream (J Carter) and gel (Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel). I've been testing out the bounce curl vitamin cream for 1.5 years and I LOVE it. I only have to use that one product when I use it. It will be out soon.  I have discovered that these three items make my curls very very happy. It may seem like a lot but I do not apply product for 3-4 days after, which is legit amazing. I think we have to remember that there is also a product journey. I have found these three and it wasn't easy. It is also helpful if your products mix great together. 

Also, deep condition your hair 1-2 times weekly. I promise this will make all the difference. I use Rawkyn and it has been a blessing to my hair. Sometimes, I will use a blow dry cap attachment when deep conditioning. Added heat helps your hair to better absorb the conditioner. 

Second step, STOP putting heat on your hair....just STOP
I didn't even use my blow dryer for 6 months. I would only let my hair air dry.
I honestly love the volume I get from diffusing now but I try to keep it to a minimum. Adding heat helps with different hair styles :) I love to switch it up every now and then 
Lastly, PLEASE PLEASE be patient and consistent. It has taken me nearly a year of my curls to healthy and manageable. It will NOT happen over night. 
I will be posting tips in the comments and whenever I discover a new product I will post about it in the blog. 
I am here to help!! Ask a question below :) 


  • Posted by Bettina Smith on

    What is your hair type?

  • Posted by @ms.classic_li on

    Hey Bettina Smith,

    My curl type is a mixture of 4a/4b

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