Hot tools hair diffuser review with Bounce Curl

What is a diffuser and why do we use it?

1. I use it for VOLUME. I have thinner hair, and it gives me the right amount of volume.
2. I use it to make my curls last longer. 
3. I use it to make my hair dry faster. 

4. I use it to make my curls more defined. 

What is the difference between diffusers?

The difference between diffusers is not actually the diffuser head, but the blow dryer. I used to use walmart brand blow dryers my whole life. I found that I had to buy a new blow dryer every 3 or 4 months because I would smell it burning my hair. I decided to go to Ulta and get me a new blow dryer. I started with the HOT TOOLS tourmaline ionic 1875 Watt Prof Dryer that cost me $43.00. It is black and purple. I LOVED IT SO MUCH!

It made my hair feel so soft. It dried my hair a lot faster. It gave me less frizz. It lasted a lot longer. I ruined mine because I went to LONDON and I put it in the electricity socket with the converter and it just never worked after that. I decided to buy a new one.I bought this Hot tools Ions for faster drying shine and reduce frizz one. I got it for $84.99. 
Was it worth it?

YES! My hair loves it! My curls are tighter, softer and FRIZZ FREE! These "Ion" things really work. I am so obsessed with my hair right now. It dried my hair about 15 minutes faster too. It has 3 settings for cool, medium warm, and hot. I used the medium warm and it was not hot at all. I have healthy hair now so that is why I use medium warm. I put the settings on high air. If you have damaged hair, I suggest always using cool. If you are a beginner, I suggest using low air so you don't mess up the curls. 

I am going to review more blow dryers. 
My next one to review is the dyson blow dryer. I heard that there were millions invested in the technology so I want to see what the hype is all about. Stay tuned my loves! 


  • Posted by PATTY MACIAS on

    Have you tried out the Babyliss Hair dryer? I would love to see a review of that brand for curly hair.

  • Posted by Regina on

    I just bought this hair dryer..i can’t wait to try it..

  • Posted by Founder on


    We have not used that Blow Dryer. I have actually never heard of it actually :)
    Is this a new brand?

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