Help! How Do I Repair Heavily Damaged Hair!

Damaged hair can happen because of some styling practices, like using heat or hair dye. This can be harsh on the cuticle of your hair. Just like moisture can enter easily, so can chemicals like permanent color and straightening treatments. This is known as high porosity hair and it is important to understand that high porosity is a form of hair damage. 

The best way to describe high porosity hair is to compare it to a sponge. A sponge quickly absorbs water and can release it by end of day. That’s what can happen with high porosity hair. It can take in too much moisture but loses it just as quickly and ends up dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.



Our medium moisture shampoo (Bounce Curl Pure Silk Moisturizing Shampoo) is GREAT for high porosity or damaged because it contains two proteins, hydrolyzed wheat protein and quinoa protein. These proteins fill the gaps or holes from chemicals or heat damage. The third ingredient in the formula is safflower oil which helps calm frizz, repairs and detangles dry hair, leaving you with amazing shiny hair. It will not leave hair greasy, it is perfect for thin, medium, or thick hair.

More About Hair Porosity

Hair Porosity is the hair's ability (or the LACK of ability) to absorb and to retain moisture or chemicals into the hair's cuticle layers and cortex.


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    I think i have this tipe of damage in my hair , i bought your products already i really hope i can get my healthy hair back !!!

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