Have you ever damaged your curls?

Have you guys ever damaged your hair? As you guys can see, I used to damage my hair. The top left is a picture of my curls when I dyed it red. 

What does coloring hair really do to your curls?

1. Your Curl pattern can change. 

-My curl pattern changed quite a bit. My hair became less curlier. Sometimes, it can be permanent. My hair is on the thinner side and it became damaged. Sometimes, if hair is thicker and has courser texture, the curl pattern does not change. Anytime you alter the protein bonding arrangement in hair, the curls can relax and appear less curlier. Straightening your hair can also change your curl pattern. I have experienced change of curl pattern due to sleeping on my hair as well. 

2. Hair Pores. 

- Each strand of hair has little pores in it. After you color your hair, you will create deeper pocket holes creating "porous hair follicles". When porosity increases, you can experience a lot of dryness. You can start using products that will fill in those gaps like protein treatments and moisturizing treatments. Deep conditioning is important for color treated hair. 

3. Elasticity 

- You can lose your elasticity in your hair strands. This means that your hair can break quicker. It will need lots of moisturizing products. 

What can you do after you dye your hair?
1. Use protein treatments or reconstructors after dying your hair. 
2. Use products that do not build up. Silicones will build up on your hair and it can weigh your curl down, changing the curl pattern. Pay attention to ingredients. Look them all up. 
3. Do not use SLS Sulfates in your shampoo. 
4. After you style your hair with cream, put a little bit of oil on your hand and scrunch it in. 
5. Use color safe shampoo & conditioner so that you do not fade your color away. 

6. Research your hair stylist. 

How long did it take to restore my hair?
It took me about a year or two. I had to change everything. I stopped dying my hair. I had to stop using sulfates and silicones. That is when I started to see a major change. I had to cut off all the dead straight pieces. It is a process but it is worth it my loves. I've always created my own products and mixed different ingredients. I made my vitamins years before I sold them. These helped with the overall health of my hair. I also do tea rinses and drink tea as well. I combined my favorite ingredients in one bag. Check out the benefits here.


  • Posted by Founder on

    Hey Yadairy Adames,

    I am sorry to hear about your hair loss struggles beauty. Our light creme gel is great for all hair types :) It is light weight and will not weigh your hair down.

  • Posted by Nellie Ollsen on

    Yadairy, have you checken your Thyroid or other fysical things?

    I’ve tried everything there is, from Shea Moisture, Cantu, Kinky Curly, Deva-Curl, Curl-la-la, As I am till Blueberry Bliss, nothing, really nothing makes my hair less dry.
    Everything makes it even more dry. How is this possible? Because they have no Silicones, Sulfates and bad stuff, so should be like Paradise for the hair, but not for me. Take Vitamins, Thyroid and everything oke. So I am a bit sceptic to try these Bouncecurlproducts. Have 3-C hair, fine structure. Also tried different oils, but even more Sahara on my head. What would you suggest?

  • Posted by Nellie Ollsen on

    By the way, I wish my hair was like your before picture :-) offcause very pretty after, but I would be happy with the before picture

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