Have Curls Will Travel - Putting your best curl forward when you are away from home!

Some travel is well planned ahead of time but, whether for business or personal reasons, there is likely to be a time when you will need to just pack up and GO! Thinking and planning ahead can make a big difference in your ability to care for yourself and for your hair - and we know that keeping somewhat in routine when traveling can make the whole experience more pleasant. Being prepared doesn't have to take a lot of time. Once prepared, these tips will be helpful whether you are off on a long-scheduled vacation or out the door for a sudden adventure!

1) What products do you need to take?
If you travel often, it might make sense to create a "go bag" of your hair products. Empty travel-sized bottles are available at most department stores and you can easily transfer your most necessary products into smaller packaging. If you are taking full-size bottles, you can always tape the tops of them shut and use paper towels around the top to absorb spillage. Honestly, it always makes sense to me to pack these in a separate make-up/hair product bag or even a zip-loc-type bag to avoid unhappy surprises when you open your suitcase at your destination. I travel often, so having a "go bag" may take a little more time with the initial preparation, but it is SO much more convenient each time I pack my bags! 

2) How can you prevent damage to your hair overnight?
Take a silk pillowcase or scarf to use at night - this will help your hair retain its moisture and also might keep your hair from being damaged if you find yourself dealing with less than ideal bedding. Be aware of all the tricks you can use to preserve your curlsBounce Curl's YouTube channel has lots of great tutorials - How to Sleep and Make Curls Last LongerHow To Refresh Your Curly Hair, and more. Check out (and subscribe to) the Bounce Curl YouTube Channel.

3) Be prepared to style your hair with an easier style while you travel. Consider styling your hair into braids or take along a fashionable headscarf so you can easily tuck your hair away and still look stylish!

4) Pay attention to your hair!
Will traveling, you are less likely to maintain your regular hair routine. Be aware so you can address conditions like dry hair caused from travel activities like chlorine or sand before they cause excessive damage.

Yes, this all sounds very basic and common sense. But, having a plan in place can take off some of the stress when you are out of your usual home routine!

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