Experiment with your hair; be patient; remember everyone's hair has unique needs!

Gels always do WAYYY better in my hair than a cream does. When I ONLY put a hair gel in my hair, I get ultimate volume & curl definition. Whenever I put a hair cream on my hair, my curls get weighed down easily and frizzy; the gel is too heavy for my curls or too oily (making my scalp show).

Is this the same for everybody? Absolutely not. Using just a gel works for my curls because my hair is pretty healthy now & it still feels soft (when I use just a gel). I also have finer strands of hair and that automatically makes my hair feel softer. 

My friends have coarser hair than I do and - when they use a hair gel by itself - their hair looks good but it feels dry and/or hard. They need a good leave-in before they add the hair gel and that’s totally okay.

The reason I am writing this post is to tell you guys to EXPERIMENT with your curls. Patience is key. I’ve been styling my own curly hair since I was 8 years old and it took me years to perfect my styling routine. Everyone’s hair is not the same and not all products (or combinations of products) will give the same results for everybody. By all means – share what you learn about your hair. But just realize that each curly hair experience is unique!  #bouncecurl #curlyhair #curly 


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