During winter and cold weather, your hair needs Extra Moisture LOVE!

Winter can be a tough time for curly hair! It is the time of year when your hair is fragile and is most prone to breakage.  Here are some tips to get you through the long winter months:

  1. Winter hair thrives on moisture; It is not just the cold weather, but indoor heating can also leave hair parched and brittle. Now is the time to use conditioning and moisturizing products. Bounce Curl has three distinct moisturizing hair kits (including an Extra Moisture Cleansing Conditioner Kit). 

  2. You can prevent frizz right from the shower! Don't use a typical terry-cloth towel. The coarse texture can roughen up the hair's cuticle and cause curl separation, resulting in frizz. Curly Girls need to use a super-absorbent microfiber toweldesigned to reduce frizz and dry time. 

  3. Indoor air can be drying; make sure you use extra product this winter. Listen for hair to squish, to make sure there's enough product in the hair. Don't be afraid of product!

  4. Don't forget to scrunch! Scrunching allows your product and curls to go further. Scrunching a gel-like product (like Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel) into curls means better distribution and removes excess product.

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