Don't "Fall" for Bad Information! Myths About Preservatives

The internet "can" be a good place to get some information; but you MUST consider the source!

It seems to be so much easier to share "bad" or "outrageous" news  - those same headlines proclaiming that "Bigfoot has been sighted eating lunch with Elvis" have the same level of truth as uneducated comments about dangers in hair product ingredients. 

It's important to remember that hair products are specially formulated and highly tested before being released to the public. At Bounce Curl, our Founder is a formulator herself and we recently added a third highly educated chemist to our staff. When someone questions ingredients or products or shares the current internet rumor, make sure YOU question where they are getting their information. Do they provide sources or are they hitting "share" without even thinking about whether such a story could be true? 

At Bounce Curl, we are all about integrity and education.  So here's the scoop. As Bounce Curl grows, we are learning more and more about paraben-free preservatives so we are instituting newer paraben-free preservatives in our recently released and soon-to-be-released products.  Our first product, our every popular Bounce Curl Light Creme Hair Gel, contains a paraben-free preservative that is rated as relatively clean on the Think Dirty app - AND, this preservative comprises LESS THAN 1% in the whole 100% formula.   

So, why do we need preservatives at all, if hair product ingredients are plant-based? If preservatives are not used, mold and bacteria can form over time which could cause serious infection for consumers with open wounds or who are susceptible to infection.

We encourage you to read the ingredients of any products you use and to verify the integrity of the companies you are supporting with your hair product dollar.  At Bounce Curl, we are committed to being transparent about ingredients and to being cruelty free with NO animal testing (Click here to view us on the PETA website.) Our newsletters and social media posts include contact information. So, when you read some outrageous claim about some hair product or ingredient, before you hit SHARE - SHARE your concern with us and let us give you the real information!

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