Avoid These Curly Hair Mistakes!

You have probably figured out by now that curly hair is different than not-curly hair. Not only that - but curly hair has different types of curls. As you might expect, when you take good care of those curls, you look and feel AWESOME! When you don't take good care of those curls.... well, uh...

When dealing with curly hair, not everything is obvious. Here's a few mistakes to avoid:

  1. Find the right stylist!
    You want someone that understands curls, knows the difference between curls and waves, and understands that cutting your hair when dry will give him/her a better understanding of how your curls like to hang out. You may not find that perfect curly hair stylist right away - but it is worth taking the time to find the right person! By the way, don't be surprised if that stylist doesn't recommend you get a haircut less often than you usuall do!

  2. Don't wash your hair too often!
    Seems backwards, doesn't it? If you are washing your curly hair every day or even every other day, time to reconsider!! It is preferable for curly girls to wash their hair twice (even once!) a week. You may find your best curls continue to appear on days three or four. 

  3. Don't be so concerned about rinsing out every drop of hair conditioner
    While we are talking about washing your hair, try finger-combing your conditioner in while you are in the shower and then just lightly rinse. Yes, really! Don't let all that moisturizing goodness go down the drain! 

  4. Use the right towel!
    Regular bath towels tend to leave hair frizzy (is it the loop-size or the weave?). You will be surprised at how much softer and more spring-loaded your curls are when you use a micro-fiber towel and scrunch the water out of your hair rather than using the traditional rubbing technique.

  5. Air dry your hair before diffusing
    Let your hair air dry natually for as long as you can, and then gently diffuse on a warm or cool (but never hot) setting.

Of course, using the right products is key to getting your best curls! Use products without harsh chemicals; (remember that Bounce Curl uses plant-derived formulas). We have money-saving combo kits with products for those needing lightweight moisturemedium moisture, or heavy moisture.  Not sure what to purchase?  Check out our Hair Quiz to give you some guidance!  

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