At first, Bounce Curl Creme Gel did not work well for this customer, but THEN...

At First Bounce Curl Creme Gel didn't work for this customer, but after working with the Founder of Bounce Curl, the customer LOVED the results!

Check out the video she posted about her experience!

Hello Beauty!  I want to share a true story with you!

Our customer, Ana, reached out to Bounce Curl because she was unhappy with the results she was getting when using Bounce Curl Crème Gel. Ana knew she was sensitive to protein in her hair products and thought the reason her hair was a little stiff and coarse after using Bounce Curl Crème Gel was due to the protein in our gel. 

Our Bounce Curl Creator suggested that Ana use the Bounce Curl Crème Gel alone - without using it with any other hair products and Ana really, really loved the results!!  The issue was not so much that Ana was allergic to the protein in the Bounce Curl Crème Gel, but that she was using it with a hair cream and the combination of the two just really didn’t give her great results. 


The moral of the storytry using Bounce Curl products in as many different ways as possible to discover how to get YOUR best result!  Remember that Bounce Curl has just released our NEW line of shampoos and cleansers which are designed to mix well with our Crème Gel – it’s even easier to get fabulous results!

The SECOND moral of the storyrely on a responsible and responsive company like Bounce Curl who is dedicated to providing their customers with the best product experience possible!  Did you know that Bounce Curl is coming out with new creams in the next few months??  We will also be releasing a hair spray soon! You will be able to choose from an entire line of Bounce Curl products to get the Curly Girl results you are looking for!


  • Posted by Bernadette on

    I’m still waiting for the cream before I place my second order. I hope it works for fine wavy hair. I love the gel holds my curl and gives me a nice define curls but it’s little bit dry on my hair.

  • Posted by Anna Maria on

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy using the Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel. I received this a couple of days ago and applied it to my wet hair (3a type) after shampooing and conditioning. The results are impressive. I now have a tremendous amount of curl in my hair with absolutely no stiffness or stickiness. This product is significantly better than the Deva product that I was using previously. I’m very happy that I’ve found this and hope that you do not stop making it.

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